Desperate for Discipline

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Fire in the Whole

The Self-Made Man

A Convenient Generation

Our Own Understanding

The Weight of My Sin

A Tale of Two Sinners


Into My Heart

The Healing of Our Land

The Exiles

The Sailboat Quilt

Decisions, Decisions


Prayer Warrior

The Know-It-All

Numbered Days

Expect vs. Hope

Stop Squirming

Power Denied

There's Within My Heart a Melody

Cicada Shells

Skiing Without Poles

We All See It

Sic ‘em, Bears

Jericho Calling

Always Watching

It's All About Who You Know

Planting Dreams

The World Revolves Around Him

Listen. Listen Now.

Servant For Life

Commended By God

The Scarlet Rope

Sweet Hour of Prayer


Close Enough for Government Work

Another Mulligan, Please

The Battle of the Bear

For This I Prayed

When God Drops a Pin