Jericho Calling

But the Lord said to Joshua, “Jericho and its king and all its mighty warriors are already defeated, for I have given them to you!"  Joshua 6:2

Where is your Jericho?

If you're familiar with the story of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land, then you know it is a story of promise and provision.  It is also a story of doubt and death.  You may have experienced your own Jericho calling without even realizing it.  

Once upon a time, God called Moses, a convicted murderer, to lead a very large group of captives to freedom.  There wasn't much they were required to do really--just trust and follow where God would lead them.  God had already made all of the preparation in advance--leading them all the way, feeding them, even selecting the best places for them to camp (Deuteronomy 1).  

But, all they did was complain.

Their complaints and disobedience caused them to wander for forty long, unnecessary years, and the original complainers died--never having made it to their earthly land of promise.  When the younger set finally arrived outside Jericho, we find that most of them didn't learn a thing from their parents except how to complain.  Only two of them actually learned the truth of who God really is--Caleb and Joshua.  The Lord told Joshua that Jericho and its king and all its mighty warriors were already defeated.  But that wasn't good enough for them.  They sent in twelve spies to scope out the land and bring back a report.

And God was patient.

When the twelve spies came back with their report, ten out of the twelve said there were giants in the land and there was no way they could defeat them.  Joshua and Caleb reminded the people that God had already given them the land.  

All they had to do was take it.

I wonder.

How many times has God promised you and me the victory, yet our fear, doubt, and faithless expectations have kept us wandering.  We wander for long periods of time unnecessarily.  When He reminds us of the promised victory, we double-check Him--just to make sure He's right (wink, wink).  Then, He lovingly, patiently reminds us of just how completely He loves us.

But we still don't believe it.

I don't know what or where your Jericho is, but I do know this:  God has already given it to you and He's already given it to me.  All we have to do is take it.

Goodnight, Runners.