A Tale of Two Sinners

Once upon another time,
T’were two sinners—friends of mine
Sinner One and Sinner Two
Neither knew our favorite Jew

One day, Sinner One, he budged
For the Holy Spirit nudged
Turned his back on sin that day
From evil he ran away

Sinner Two ne’er saw the need
He survived just fine on greed
Had a lot of friends and such
Never sensed the Master’s touch

‘Til one day the Master came
Calling each sinner by name
“Show me now your deeds, my son
Your life here is over, done”

Sinner One knew Jesus well
This one, he escaped from hell
“Come with me and take your place
You’ve received amazing grace”

Sinner Two, he pointed out
Hay and stubble, worldly clout
Things that had no lasting worth
He’d not wanted a new birth

“I don’t know you” Master said
"Leave me now—you’ve made your bed"
Now, which sinner will you be
Please consider carefully.