There's Within My Heart a Melody

"My heart is steadfast, O God!  I will sing and make melody with all my being!"  Psalm 108:1

Do you ever find yourself so overwhelmed with gratefulness to God that you just can't help but sing?

My mother was just such a character as to live each day full of joy and gratitude.  As I grow older, I begin to see what a true gift and treasure it was to have such a joyful mother.  She danced around the house, full of song most every day of her life.  The songs were many and varied, and I find myself now doing the same.

Having been delivered by a gracious and merciful God from many and various trials--many of my own making--I find I must join the Psalmist and make melody to Him with all my being!

Won't you join me?

Goodnight, Runners.