Bound and Determined

"I have chosen to be faithful; I have determined to live by your regulations."  Psalm 119:30

My mother had a saying when she had made up her mind to do something.  She would say she was "bound and determined" to do it.  She didn't say it often, but when she did, we all knew she meant business about whatever the something was, and it was sure to get done.

I wonder.

Are we, like David in the Psalm above, bound and determined to live for Jesus?  If so, what are we doing to prove that?  Would others know we are bound and determined?  Can they see Jesus in our lives?  Is there a real loving, vibrant, and zealous difference in us?

It doesn't happen by osmosis.  There is real effort involved in following Jesus every day.  It isn't glamorous or dramatic by the world's standards.  It can often appear boring or mundane to follow Jesus in the every day by worldly views, but I have found daily life with Jesus and training in righteousness to be anything but boring or mundane.  Watching His Spirit at work around me is mind-blowing and faith-building.  It is refining and strengthening, comforting and encouraging.  It is real love and real joy.

He is real love and real joy personified.

I join David as he said in Psalm 119:112, "I am determined to keep your decrees to the very end."

Are you?

Goodnight, Runners.


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