Empty Life

Howard lives an empty life
Has three children, job, and wife
All of them are very nice
Act so kind and have no vice

Howard spends much time with them
Entertainment to the brim
Smiles at everyone he meets
Even gives the homeless treats

Howard’s always right on time
Even for the dinner chime
Makes his bed and shines his shoes
Finishes all his to-do’s

Boss is happy with his work
Has no oddities or quirk
Even helps his neighbors out
Mows his lawn, an Eagle Scout

Howard even goes to church
He sits in his normal perch
Listens to the sermon giv’n
But it doesn’t change his liv’n

Howard sees no need for change
His life’s in the normal range
Happy and content is he
With his wife and family

So, what’s wrong with Howard’s life
Happy family, happy wife
Why is Howard’s life empty
Simple friend, why can’t you see

Howard has no courage—none
Doesn’t tell of God’s own Son
Hell-bound in his Lazy-Boy®
Pass another Chips-Ahoy®.


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