Crumbs of Compromise

"All his life Joash did what was right because Jehoiada the High Priest instructed him. Yet even so he didn’t destroy the shrines on the hills—the people still sacrificed and burned incense there."  2 Kings 12:2-3

As a little girl, my momma always taught me to sweep up my crumbs when I ate.  One day after making a sandwich, I neglected to clean up all the crumbs I made on the kitchen counter.  When my mother went into the kitchen later in the day, she called to me.  

"Prissy, come here!"  Running to the kitchen, I saw that an army of ants had invaded the kitchen counter to make the most of the crumbs I left behind.  "Do you see why I ask you to sweep up your crumbs?" she asked lovingly.  "Yes, Momma.  I'm so sorry."

In the story of King Joash mentioned in the passage of Scripture above, we find that this king failed to sweep up some crumbs of a different sort in Judah.  Queen Athaliah and the kings before her had allowed the people of Judah to keep pagan shrines on the hills for the worship of idols.  These crumbs brought an army of a different sort—a real army—the Syrian army.  Because of Joash's disobedience, he was eventually led astray, his people were led astray, and they were defeated by the Syrians for the many evils they had done (Read 2 Chronicles 24).

All because of crumbs.  

Crumbs of compromise.

Are there any crumbs in your life?  Anything sinful that needs sweeping out?

My friend, get out the broom now, for if we fail to do it, the armies will be marching against us when and where we least expect it.

God lovingly brings people into our lives to warn and correct us.  For Joash it was the prophet Zechariah.  But Joash didn't listen.  He had Zechariah put to death.  

Will you listen to the prophet in your life regarding your own crumbs?

I pray that we will all sweep up now, today, while there is still time.

Goodnight, Runners.


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