Tuned to the Master

"Even musical instruments—the flute, for instance, or the harp—are examples of the need for speaking in plain, simple English rather than in unknown languages. For no one will recognize the tune the flute is playing unless each note is sounded clearly."  1 Corinthians 14:7

If you know anything at all about music, you know the importance of tuning.  Bands tune their instruments before even practicing together.  Orchestras tune each time they gather together.  Pianos are tuned often to ensure their sound is not dissonant.

But how, exactly, do these instruments remain in tune?

As a band student in much younger days, our band director would use a tuning fork.  Each instrument would separately and independently tune to the pitch of that tuning fork each day before we began to practice together.  

When our family moved later to a small town, the band director did things differently.  He tuned the first instrument to his pitch, and had each instrument thereafter tune to the instrument before.  His reasoning was that allowing instruments to tune to each other saved time; though I never found that to be the case.  In fact, when we played together, this band director would often stop us in the middle of a piece to adjust and retune our instruments as we often struck a dissonant chord.

My friend, who is your life tuned to?  

Have you tuned your life to other Christians around you?  Are you tuned to the world around you?  Or, are you tuned to the Master?

Tuning to the world around you—even other Christians—will leave you often striking a dissonant chord in God's Holy Choir.  It also leaves us wasting precious time in the long run.  

Following the life and path of Jesus Christ is the only true tuning fork there is for the Christian.

And this life, this way is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and in God's Word, the Holy Bible.

Won't you join me in tuning your life to the Master today?

Goodnight, Runners.