Shame on You

"Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours."  Isaiah 61:7

Isaiah said these words referring to the coming redemption of the Jewish people who had been exiled to Babylon.  When we read this chapter and the one before it, we find it to be a glorious time of celebration and rebuilding.  It is to be a time of prosperity with the previous days of shame and dishonor long since forgotten in the plenty He supplies.  What a glorious time!

Have you ever felt shame?  Maybe you're in that place now.  Maybe you feel shame because of something you've done.  Or, perhaps you feel shame because of something that's been done to you.

God doesn't want His people to live in shame.  Just listen to what the Holy Bible says about the matter:

"Indeed, none who wait for you shall be put to shame; they shall be ashamed who are wantonly treacherous."  Psalm 25:3

"He will send from heaven and save me; he will put to shame him who tramples on me. Selah 
God will send out his steadfast love and his faithfulness!"  Psalm 57:3

"For the Scripture says, 'Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.'” Romans 10:11

"And hope will never bring us shame. That’s because God’s love has been poured into our hearts. This happened through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us."  Romans 5:5

My prayer for you is that you would live in hope, standing on the promises in God's Word, and not walk in shame.

May there never be shame on you.

Goodnight, Runners.