The Heart of the Matter

"Then he said to them, 'You like to appear righteous in public, but God knows your hearts. What this world honors is detestable in the sight of God.'"  Luke 16:15

The events of the last two years have done much to expose truth and lies.  This exposé, while further polarizing the world, has cut straight to the issue at hand.  It is the real heart of the matter.  That is:  Will we follow Jesus or not?

Many people have been riding the fence for years, but the time has come for each of us to make a decision.  Will we courageously and boldly proclaim our belief and trust in Jesus Christ?  Or, will we keep up what the culture around us considers to be an acceptable appearance?  The culture will allow us to be Christians just as long as we don't disturb anything they find pleasurable.  What the culture doesn't realize is that all those things they find pleasurable are killing them.  The pleasure is a complete lie--just as big as the lie the serpent fed to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  The culture wants to exterminate the real, practicing Christians, the radicals.

But, think about that for a moment in light of the culture.  Which is more radical?  And which is more pleasurable?

If you are a Christian, you know there is no such thing as a part-time Christian.  You also know that the Book of Revelation tells us that there is no place for cowards in God's Kingdom.  Revelation 21:8 tells us, "But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to share our true heart for Jesus with others.  May we not waste this precious gift of time to love others well, sharing the truth of His Word, the Holy Bible, and the person of Jesus Christ with them.

Psalm 16:11 tells us, "You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

I know this to be true.

Goodnight, Runners.