Hypocrisy and the Hypocrite

"The church is full of hypocrites" 
I hear one fella say
He tells me that’s the reason
He won’t come to church today

He tells me there’s hypocrisy
In preachers that he hears
All they do is entertain
And tickle young men’s ears

He doesn’t give a flyin’ flip
About the offering plate
The building fund, the work they’ve done
Or that he shouldn’t hate

He doesn’t like formality
Or following the rules
He said he’d had enough of that
When he was back in school

He said they’re all a bunch of fakes
Don’t practice what they preach
He says he’s better off spending
The day down at the beach

But one day he’ll be golfing
Or hunting in his blind
And when the good Lord calls his name
He’ll wish he changed his mind.


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