The House That Wisdom Built

There was a house that fools built
They didn’t use one tool
Instead of plans and blueprints
They followed not one rule

Foundation—No, who needs one
This sand will do just fine
Besides, this house I’m building
It’s yours—it isn’t mine

And when the fools were finished
They celebrated big
Inside the house that they built
They killed the fatted pig

Meanwhile, outside a storm brewed
Waves beat against each wall
And as they all danced inside
Outside the house did fall

Sweet wisdom built her house, too
She prepped and planned each part
From each eave to each door frame
It was a work of art

The groundwork was a marvel
Deep bedrock at its core
Built up high into the clouds
Where eagles tend to soar

And when the storms came calling
They blew into her face
But this house stood firm and strong
Not one brick left its place

Throughout the years this house stands
For all the world to see
Wisdom’s way surpasses fools
And, Jesus is the key.