Thoughts About Thinking

I often have thoughts about thinking
The very best thinkity thoughts

But often my thoughts about thinking
They think a bit more than they ought

The thoughts swirl and swirl in my noggin
Not knowing which way they should go

Sometimes I am quick and I catch one
I snatch it from way on down low

I tell it it’s not in the right place
It needs to think higher than this

Rise up from the low place to find Him
Think thinkity thoughts of sheer bliss

I tell it to dwell on the Father
The wonderful deeds He has done

Whose ways are far higher than my ways
With all of life’s victories won

So, if there’s a thought that you’re thinking
And, it’s just a thinkity thought

Just tell that old thought that you’re thinking
With no means to go where it ought

“Thought, I’ll take you captive to Jesus”
Obey Him and I know you’ll see

The thinkity thoughts that you’re thinkin’
Will end up where each one should be


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