Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I can't see myself at all

How does my reflection look
Just one glance at me you took

Do you dread to look at me
Am I hideous to see

How does my reflection seem
Perfect--no, that's just my dream

Must you turn and hide your face
Drenched in sin I am--disgrace

Tell me, Mirror, what you see
Help me to be truly free

I, the Mirror, know you well
Much about you I could tell

I will tell you what I see
Listen to these words from me

You have asked me how you look
Just one look is all it took

You, my bride, are lovely, fine
I have called you, you are mine

You have asked me how you seem
Perfect--I am Elohim

Drenched in sin I see you not
Every stain from you I blot

Call to me and you will know
Beauty no one else can show


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