Day 15

"I remember the days of old. I ponder all your great works and think about what you have done." Psalm 143:5

It was a beautiful, yet busy, weekend.  Family events took us to Waco and Dallas, with much rushing around.  It is a hectic season of life.  In all of the busyness of driving from one place to another, I had an opportunity to reflect on the goodness of God in the lives of so many people I know and love, and in my own life, as well.  My youngest is graduating from high school in a few weeks, and the nest will be empty.  I'm not ready for it.

I never feel ready for any change God sends my way. 

As I rounded the corner on the first lap around the block late this evening, I reflected.  The sweetness of the star jasmine coiled around my next door neighbor's live oak awakened my senses.  It was time to count blessings, big and small.  Time to count the little, personal ones, as well as the big ones I know are coming by faith.

There was also gratitude for the run.  Though some may laugh at the baby beginnings, it impacts so much more than just the physical body.  It reminds me that God is never finished with us, that He never gives up on us, that He cares about every aspect of our life.  

And, He teaches me.  He teaches me that He makes ready for change--I never have to do that on my own.  He teaches that obedience to Him in one small area spills over into other areas.  He inspires me to get into spiritual shape, determining to bring every area of life into alignment with Him, to do my best in all things.

And, those Goliaths in your life and mine?  They're going down, too.

The Day 15 picture is posted in the sidebar.

I'll leave you with a great song from Francesca Battistelli to encourage you.

May we remember the goodness of our God in all things, in days past and present, and may we have hope in Him for the future.


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