Lemon Drops and Gopher Holes

“Yes, you have been with me from birth; from my mother’s womb you have cared for me. No wonder I am always praising you!” Psalm 71:6

I still recall vividly the day of my salvation, although I was only five years old.  My mother had given me the usual lemon drops to minimize fidgeting and chatter in church, and I had put my head down in her lap as the sermon began.  Mother rubbed my head gently, and I usually fell fast asleep.

Daddy was the pastor, and it was easy to tell when the invitation time was nearing on any given Sunday, as the volume and voracity of his speech would increase dramatically.  I was often startled awake, popping my head up from the pew like a gopher roused from its hole.

But, this particular Sunday was different.  There was no napping in Mother’s lap, even though my head was down.  I heard every word my father said; although, I couldn’t recall a single one. The words went straight to my heart—convicting me of my sin and my need for Jesus.

I was overwhelmed with God’s love for me, His care of me, and my need of Him.  At invitation time, I tugged on my momma's skirt and told her I wanted to go forward and ask Jesus into my heart.  That day, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and I have known His presence ever since.

Perhaps your story is similar, or maybe it is quite different from mine. In either case, our loving Heavenly Father has been with us, caring for us and preparing us from our mother’s womb.

May we spend this day and every day with an overwhelming attitude of thanksgiving and praise for the One who loves and cares for us more than anyone else, more than we can ever possibly imagine.  And, may we tell the world all that the Holy Bible says about Him.


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