The Journey

I started on a journey that I didn’t plan to take
While minding my own business on a road down by the lake

A man there saw me fishin’—I was struggling with my line
His face was kind and gentle, and his eyes saw clear through mine

He said, “I’d like to help you—I can show you a new way”
My friends, they all ignored him—my heart longed for him to stay

“Sir,” I said, “Please tell me . . . what is this new way you know
I only know this one way—show me, please, before you go”

The man, he took my fishing line and cast it on the lake
His hands were sure and confident, the cast made not a wake

There was no hesitation as he reeled the line back in
The fish he caught was massive, I could see from just the fin

“Tell me, sir, your secret, if you please, before you go
What makes your way so different—tell me, please, I’ve got to know”

“The Father is the difference—He sent His Son from up above
To show the world His mercy, to give each one His love

“How can I have this difference, sir, can it come down to me
I want the peace I see in you, I want this love I see”

“Receive His one and only Son, that’s how to have real life
Repent of sin, believe in Him, abandon this world’s strife”

I did what this man told me and was baptized at the lake
My life is filled with joy, for now a different path I take

--Priscilla Doremus


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