Mellowed With Christ

“Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do. Remember, the Lord is coming soon.” Philippians 4:5

Being over fifty, I thought I had mellowed with age.  I was sure of it.

Until Saturday.

Saturday everything just seemed to go wrong.  As a planner and get-it-done-yesterday girl, I worked hard to ensure a very busy day with everyone running in different directions ran smoothly.  But, it didn't.  And, I had no one to vent to, either.  It was at that moment that I realized whatever mellowing I thought I had done turned out to be more like a bad cup of coffee than a fine wine.  

All I wanted to do was whine, and the only one to air my complaint to was God.  So, I whined to God, and it went something like this:

I worked SO HARD, Lord!!  And, I'm so tired!!
Why is it that no one else in the whole world is dependable . . . but me??!!
What did I do wrong and why am I being punished?

If my mother had been around, she would have said I needed a nap and a snack, like Elijah in the wilderness (1 Kings 19), and she would have been right.  Just as God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, overlooked all of the first person personal pronouns in that whiny prayer and allowed me to rest.  He also allowed me to see all of the day's failings in their proper perspective.

The Holy Bible tells us in Psalm 92:12-14, "But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.  For they are transplanted to the Lord’s own house.  They flourish in the courts of our God.  Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green."

I want to remain vital, green, and fruitful as I age.  Don't you?

Mellowing with Christ means we remain plugged into the true vine, allowing the vinedresser to prune us regularly.  Then, we will be considerate in all we do, and our kindness will be evident to everyone.


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