Seeing is Believing

Peter and the other disciple started out for the tomb. They were both running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. He stooped and looked in and saw the linen wrappings lying there, but he didn’t go in. Then Simon Peter arrived and went inside. He also noticed the linen wrappings lying there, while the cloth that had covered Jesus’ head was folded up and lying apart from the other wrappings. Then the disciple who had reached the tomb first also went in, and he saw and believed—for until then they still hadn’t understood the Scriptures that said Jesus must rise from the dead. Then they went home. John 20:3-10

They heard what Mary Magdalene said, that Jesus’ body was gone. But, they just couldn’t believe it.  

They had read the Scriptures and heard Jesus tell them that He was going to rise from the dead. But, they didn’t understand. So, they raced off to the tomb to see for themselves. And, they saw.

Jesus wasn’t there.

Seeing was believing.

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” John 20:29b

May you have the kind of faith (like Moses, Abraham, and Noah) that doesn’t have to see to believe.


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