True Blue Blood

“One day a petition was presented by the daughters of Zelophehad—Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah. Their father, Zelophehad, was a descendant of Hepher son of Gilead, son of Makir, son of Manasseh, son of Joseph. These women stood before Moses, Eleazar the priest, the tribal leaders, and the entire community at the entrance of the Tabernacle.” Numbers 27:1-2

Do you have a sense of confidence about your heritage?

Growing up, I heard often about my Great, Great Uncle, George W. Truett, on my father’s side of the family. We listened to taped sermons and looked at old family photos. We also heard stories about my second cousin (once removed), Van Cliburn, on my mother’s side. We watched video of his piano concerts, and heard endless stories. My parents shared this rich heritage with us early and often to drive home their expectation that we would grow up to do great things for God—it was in our blood.

The daughters in this passage of Scripture had a rich heritage, too. Their Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather (once removed, perhaps) was Joseph. They were confident in their heritage, and sure that their blue blood status was bound to continue great things for God. They had so much faith in their heritage that they took their special request before Moses and all of the leaders in the entire community at the entrance of the Tabernacle.

If God is your Father, then you have the bluest blood there is. You are the truest of all blue bloods. You have a direct family relationship with Him. No one stands between the two of you. And, you can take your requests straight to the throne of God, with the faith that He will hear you.

May you realize the power of your heritage in Him today, and accomplish great things.  It's in your blood.


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