A Prayer for Godly Mentoring

We all need the loving, Christian guidance of other people in our lives, regardless of where we find ourselves in the journey of life. I have been blessed and changed immeasurably through godly people who have been placed throughout the path of my life.

The Bible provides us with a beautiful picture of godly mentoring through the relationship between Paul and Timothy in the New Testament. Timothy was a young believer, well thought of by the believers in neighboring towns. He had been taught the faith of God by his mother and his grandmother. Paul, seeing the strong faith of the young man, saw his potential in serving God. Paul took Timothy under his wing as mentor, teacher, and father in the gospel.

Paul taught Timothy how to share his faith with all different types of people. Timothy learned what true service is all about, and he learned the deep joy that comes as a result of suffering for the faith. The two shared times of victory and blessing, as well as prison together, for the sake of preaching the good news.

Throughout their relationship, Paul encouraged, admonished, instructed, warned, listened, and guided Timothy along the journey that would enable each to fulfill his life’s purpose.

When there is no one around, and we find ourselves in a period of isolation, we can look to the Books of the Prophets in the Old Testament to mentor us along the path of life. And, we can look to God to provide us with a mentor, as He is the author and finisher of our faith.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank You and praise You for being our mentor and instructor. We thank You that Your Word says, “even at night my heart instructs me.” (Psalm 16:7) We know that instruction comes from You, Father.

Lord, we ask that You bring godly people into our path to help instruct us, guide us, and train us in accordance with Your Word. Bring a strong fellowship of believers to mentor us along our life’s journey in order that we may fulfill Your purpose and plan for this life You have given.

Strengthen us, Father, for every good deed that You have planned. Prepare us, and help us to prepare others for Your service.

Give us a true servant’s attitude, Father, as You provided the example. May You pour out all selfishness in our lives, and fill us to overflowing with You.

Show us who we should follow, Father, and teach us to make right judgments (Jeremiah 11:20). Remind us to test all things that are said to prove whether they are in accordance with Your Word (I Thessalonians 5:21).

We ask these things in Jesus precious name.