God Listens

In Job 31:35, Job cries out, “If only someone would listen to me!” Do you share Job’s sentiment? Do you feel alone, and though no one will listen to you?

In Job’s story, there were three close friends of his whom, upon hearing of his tragedy, came to comfort and console him. They sat with him for seven days and nights without saying a word since they saw that his suffering was too great for words.

Yet, when Job finally spoke after the seven days, his friends did not listen. Each one, in turn, had Job’s plight entirely figured out. They continued to speak, rambling on and on, pouring salt in each and every one of Job’s many wounds.

Not only did Job’s friends not listen to what he had to say, they accused him of being arrogant, faithless, disobedient, and guilty of all manner of hidden sins! Certainly, with friends like Job had, he didn’t need enemies.

In desperation for someone to listen, Job cried out to God, criticizing Him and assuming He would not listen, either. But, God did listen. God did respond. He lovingly and firmly reminded Job of his place in the world.

Then, God blessed Job beyond anything he could ever hope or imagine.

God can and will listen to you, too, and He has the ability to bless you beyond anything you could ever hope or imagine.


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