Joy in the Name of Jesus

"You haven't done this before. Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy." John 16:24

When I was a little girl, I took great pleasure in reading my Bible and praying by myself before bedtime. It was just something I craved and looked forward to each day--a special time alone, just Jesus and me. One thing I would ask God for day after day, and night after night, was for Him to use my life in some way that would bring glory and honor to Him.

Being a little kid and not really grasping that "His ways were not my ways," I often tried to figure out (for God) just how He was going to use me.

First, I was going to be Valedictorian of my class, and I would give a grand speech giving all the praise and glory to God. But, God decided to send me to Baylor University at age 16, instead.

Next, I decided God needed me to be a doctor or nurse and discover a cure for some awful disease, and of course, I would give praise and glory to God in all of the medical journals. But, I couldn't make it through one day of work in the medical environment without sobbing my eyes out over all the pain and suffering.

After a few more two-by-fours upside the head, I began to realize how completely self-absorbed my desires were. They were my desires--not His. I finally prayed from a humble heart, "Lord, use me. Whatever it takes, use me." And, do you know what? Whenever I get out of the way long enough, HE does, and HE has. And, with that answer comes abundant joy and peace beyond anything I could ever ask or think.

God does answer our prayers.

I asked in Jesus name, and He has answered, and He has given me abundant joy.

May you ask in Jesus name this week, and may you receive, and have abundant joy. That is my prayer for you, in Jesus name. Amen.


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