The following are fiction and nonfiction joyful works in progress as of March 23, 2017:

So, You Call Yourself a Christian (nonfiction)
FOCUS, A Daily Devotional (Createspace, 2013) - Available through
Focused Daily on God's Best (West Bow Press, 2017) 
Pithy Poems for Preachers (Poetry)
Better Than a Fairy Tale (nonfiction)
God's Cinderella (nonfiction)
The Sum of All Choices (nonfiction)
Mu Cephei (science fiction)
Wrong World (nonfiction)
Biblical Lessons from the Kitchen (nonfiction)
Biblical Lessons from the Laundry Room (nonfiction)
Biblical Lessons from the Closet (nonfiction)
Biblical Lessons from the Bathroom (nonfiction)
Infiltration (a novel)
Chickenpops and the Seven Bears (a children's picture book)
Pitchers, Catchers, and Cookie Snatchers (a children's picture book)
Snickle Snop Christmas (a children's picture book)
Plea Bargain (a novel)  Available through
Dream Vision (a novel)
Prayers for Times of Crisis (Createspace, 2012)  - Available through
The Laundry Room (Women's Bible Study)
Catapult (nonfiction)
The Infertile Woman: Hannah's Story (nonfiction)

Lord willin', they'll be in a bookstore near you sometime in the future.


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